About Us!

Tropifrutas de Sarapiquí was founded in the year 2013 with the goal of being able to have a steady and reliable source of raw material for our plant.


Combining the knowledge we have to manage the plantation with a sustainable approach, lets us produce high quality fruits that will be of easy and reliable traceability.



For the best quality and taste in our finished product, we utilize a type of papaya called “Criolla” which is a land race of Costa Rica. This means it has been growing in the wild for generations, which brings us a plantation of immense genetic diversity, non GMO.






The texture, color, smell and taste of the Criolla makes it stand out from the rest. We can harvest this delicious fruit thought the year.

From Seed to Harvest


In Tropifrutas we are dedicated to produce the best quality of fruit possible and to do that we have expanded to control every part of the process, including germinating the seeds of our own papayas to plant in our fields.



One of the many advantages of growing your own seed is that you know that the plant comes disease free and won’t damage the older plantations or other baby trees.


Sustainability and Employee Safety

              At TropiFrutas we are committed to practice a sustainable way of farming by reducing the amount of products we utilize in our plantations. We are proud to say that our farm is 100% herbicide free and will continue to look for more ways of conserving the environment.

             At the same time we take care of our employees by giving them all the necessary equipment, as well as training, to carry on a safe, laborious day.

PAPAYAL-HD sin palito cortada arriba BES

Take a look INSIDE one of our plantations!