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Our Plant

- 2 IQF tunnels.

- Storage capacity for 17 containers at  -20°C.

- Cool room at 6°C for 80 tons of raw material.

- Metal Detector.

- Constant personnel training.

- Our products are guaranteed through our HACCP certification.

- Output capacity of one container per day.

- Own lab fully equipped run by qualified personnel.

- Quality is guaranteed by the experienced personnel with several years of background in all aspects of our process.


Safety and Technology

Tropifrost feels a strong responsibility towards the product it releases. We make sure every batch is tested in order for it to comply with both local and international regulations. Both customers and consumers can expect products that are free from any type of contamination.

To maintain a top quality standard, we make sure to check every step of the way in order to ensure a reliable process.


Water Treatment


Our water treatment facility gets constant maintenance and investments to ensure an optimal cleaning process of the water that was used in our plant, before being released from the facility.

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